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The e-commerce payment systems to choose in 2019!

e-commerce payment systems

E-commerce is helping millions of businessmen getting into the global market. However, for any business to thrive efficiently, a trustworthy payment gateway is a requisite. Choosing the perfect e-commerce payment systems for an e-commerce store is a major task. The e-commerce payment system is the backbone of any e-commerce store. It is important to remember certain points when setting up a payment gateway on the website.

E-commerce payment system accomplishes various tasks. These include authorizing the funds in the most secure manner. In addition to providing efficiency to both the customer as well as the owner, they also process the transaction. The e-commerce payment system also verifies the accounts and calculates the tax amounts. The payment gateway also needs to perform additional tasks depending on the geographical location of the store. The e-commerce payment system needs to comply with the PCI compliance standards. Hence, certain gateways have an additional feature of customization to offer to the store owners.

The main requirement of the store owners is to allow seamless experience to the customers during checkout. Any hindrance during the checkout can lead to the loss of sales and also taints the reputation of the store. The payment gateway accepts the payment and processes it as per the guidelines. After verification, the gateway transfers the same to the physical account of the company to which it is linked.

E-commerce payment systems to choose in 2019

Here is a list of some of the most popular e-commerce payment systems:

1.     PayPal

PayPal is the most popular e-commerce payment system used across the world. Most e-commerce store owners trust this gateway owing to its simplicity, robustness, and security. In addition to this, PayPal is available across most countries and is convenient to use with most currencies. It also allows customers to earn card rewards and has the option for PayPal credit. The transaction fee is 3.4% + $0.3 USD for credit card payments. But there is no monthly fee or any surcharge, and the setup is also extremely easy.


2.     Stripe

Another popular e-commerce payment system is Stripe. The gateway has quickly gained popularity among the store owners across the world in spite of being relatively new. Many technological entrepreneurs are leveraging their success with this e-commerce payment system. The payment is extremely safe and convenient to use. Stripe is technologically driven and can be easily incorporated using modern technology with real-time tools. It allows the companies to display the prices in the currency of the customer and is extremely easy to sign up for.


3.     SecurePay

SecurePay has been around for a while, yet has been extremely efficient with the new platforms. This e-commerce payment system offers a secure online shopping cart and accepts electronic check services, credit cards, and mobile payment. SecurePay allows integration with several third-party cart systems to allow convenience to the store owners. The SSL feature, along with the PCI certified data security, is further adding to the popularity of this payment gateway. Moreover, SecurePay provides a dashboard featuring all insights about the revenue as well as social media activity. This helps in keeping the company afloat amidst the competition.



Probably the most successful e-commerce payment system, supports Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. This payment gateway can be used without any SSL Certificates or PCI Compliance. This makes it a favorable option for new store owners on a budget. The gateway accepts payments through electronic checks and credit cards. Moreover, it immediately transfers the payment to the authorized accounts, thus saving time for the business owners.

5.     Amazon Pay

Amazon also has an efficient e-commerce payment system to offer its clients. This gateway works efficiently from both customer’s as well the client’s ends. The platform seamlessly utilizes the information provided by the client to check out as well as check-ins. Amazon quickly identifies the customer and allows the transaction with a single log-in. Amazon does not involve any additional charges and provides secure transactions. The fully robust suite allows full support for promotion, selling products, and managing inventory and orders.

amazon pay

Factors to consider before choosing an e-commerce payment gateway

  • Security

The most important parameter that any payment gateway should offer is secure transactions. Some ecommerce payment systems do not require or PCI Compliance while some need them. Hence, it is essential to understand all these features of any gateway before installation.

  • Transaction fee

All e-commerce payment systems charge a transaction fee. Payment gateways accept a small amount when processing the transaction from the amount owed to the owner. The transaction fee is nominal for most gateways. However, it is an important consideration for new business owners. It is imperative to understand the payment and monthly fee requirements before opting for the payment gateway.

  • Reputation

The reputation and ratings of any e-commerce payment system should be considered before opting for the same. It should also be noted that certain gateways use third party features whose reputation should also be checked.

  • Geographical considerations

Certain payment gateways are not available in certain countries. In case they are available, then it is a possibility that they are not compliant with all the rules and regulations. Hence, it is another point of consideration that the merchants should bear in mind. Along with this, the integration of the gateways with most business accounts and payment methods needs to be seamless. These points also differ from country to country.

  • Processing time

There are certain e-commerce payment systems that process the payment within the same day, while some may take longer. This is an important consideration as this can pose as a hindrance to the merchants later. Moreover, the merchants should also consider the kind of customer support that the gateway offers. The promptness of the response and 24×7 services are much more reliable.

The e-commerce payment system is the most important part of any e-commerce store. Hence, it should be selected with proper consideration.