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Popup form

What is a Popup Form? And 6 Examples of Highly-Effective Popup Form

Pop-ups are annoying and irritating, but only if they look like malicious alerts and don’t provide value. If used correctly, these are some of the most versatile tools in your
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Gamification for Business! And How it Helps Improve Your Marketing

Gamification is a process slowly gaining popularity in the marketing industry. Mainly, the term gamification refers to the application of gameplay mechanics to non-gaming contexts. Currently, the audience is fed
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Shopping cart abandonment

10 Steps For Decreasing Online Store Cart Abandonment

If you’re running an eCommerce store, then shopping cart abandonment rates are probably the reason you’re staying up at night. It is frustrating to wonder why a customer would leave
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Shopify Growth Startegy

Best Shopify Store Growth Strategy in 2022

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that eCommerce has revolutionalized the shopping industry as we know it. Shoppers accustomed to roaming shopping malls and supermarket aisles are moving towards scrolling
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Order Tracking App for Shopify

Best Order Tracking App for Shopify 2022

If you’re using a Shopify store to display your brand to the masses, then you already have the front end of your business taken care of. But unfortunately, running a
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Exit Intent Technology

What is Exit Intent Technology?

Have you ever tried to click the exit button on a website only to be welcomed by a full-screen pop-up ad? If your answer is no, then you’re probably living
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