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Gamification Marketing

What is Gamification in Marketing & Business? And Five Reasons Why It’s Important.

Gamification is a familiar term that refers to the use of gaming elements in non-gaming contexts. Generally, businesses and marketing teams use gamification methods to sell more to prospective customers
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shopify exit popup apps

Top 6 Shopify exit popup apps to boost your sales instantly

Having an e-commerce store isn’t something that easy these days, do you know how many e-commerce websites are out there? Overall, there are around 20 million online stores on the
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AI Influencing eCommerce Businesses in the Most Productive Manner

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the financial industry, and financial institutions find innovative ways to incorporate technology into their services. AI, NLP and ML in finance are all about task automation,
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The Importance of Email Validation and How Tada Can Help

Although there are about 5.9 billion active email accounts worldwide, brands are struggling to get those email account owners to open their marketing emails. In fact, around 20% of emails
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Best Marketing Apps All Small Businesses Should Use in 2021!

A small business owner has to be the jack of all trades, like managing expenses, keeping track of sales, marketing, shipping, and everything that goes into a successful business. As
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How To Master E-Commerce Email Marketing In 2021?

Did you think gone are the days when people used email? Have you been thinking if email marketing is a worthwhile tactic for your e-commerce business? Well, when it comes
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