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How upselling on your Shopify store can enhance your profit margin?

Being in a competitive market, gaining traffic, and increasing the conversion rate of your store is not easy. So to make your store stand out from the crowd you need to apply a few strategies and one of them is upselling. Upselling is a common and best sales technique to encourage your customers in purchasing an upgraded version of the product that they are already buying or added to their cart. For example, if your customer is buying a Pendrive of 6GB then you can show an upsell of 8GB Pendrive.

How upselling can boost your profit margin?

Increase AOV of your store

Upselling plays a great role in improving the average order value of your store. The upsells that you are showing to them would be the product that they might be already looking for. So by showing upsells you are earning a double profit which automatically reflects in the average order value of your online store. 

Earn word of mouth

As upselling is more personalized it will help to earn word of mouth from your customers. Because you are not only earning profit through upselling but at the same time you are winning the heart of your customer by giving them good service. So if they liked your store then there surely they will come back to your second time.

Makes customer relationship stronger

Maintaining a customer relationship is a challenging part of any business. And that too in the eCommerce industry it cannot be easy to win the hearts of customers as it is a competitive space. Giving a good customer experience will always give a good impact on your business too which you can achieve through upselling. 

Apart from this, if you are showing upsells in the cart then it would be double beneficial. Another important thing to note down is about the cart. I have noticed few stores lacking from having a sticky cart which is another great attractive strategy for your store. Living in a digital era with a majority of mobile users considering them should be your priority. A sticky cart is an add to cart button which will be always visible in your store. You can add the sticky cart manually or you can take the help of a Shopify app called iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell which will help you to design your sticky cart drawer and show upsells in it. 

By showing a sticky cart in your store makes it easy for your customers to add products to the store. Every time they don’t need to scroll up the page to add products to the cart. Having a sticky add to cart on your store can save the time of your customers and at the same time, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate of your online store by giving them a beautiful shopping experience from your store. A sticky add to cart button is a call to action button which will tend your customers to purchase from your store.