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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Tada is always looking to publish guest blogs which bring new ideas, intriguing content, and information which can help Shopify merchants grow and manage their business.

Here are the guidelines to get your content published with Tada.

The Do’s

  • Check our blogs on our website to ensure the topic has not been published before.
  • Your title, heading tags, content should be SEO friendly so it can rank and visible on search engines.
  • Your article should be clear, interesting, and informative. They should keep the reader engaged.
  • Proofread the article to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid run-on sentences. 3
  • It is advised to use infographics, key visuals, and images. Attach images as separate attachments (JPG format) with citations.
  • Provide attribution for all data or statistics cited with a hyperlink.
  • Use bullet points if possible to ensure better legibility for the readers.

The Don’t:

  • The article should be informative and not overly self-promotional.
  • We don’t accept plagiarized content
  • We do not accept content that is offensive, inaccurate, or overly critical to companies or individuals. Your content should be genuine, professional, and objective.

Formatting guidelines

  • Submit your content in Google Docs
  • Long form articles should be maximum 800 words
  • Short form articles and articles with infographics should be maximum of 500 words
  • You can add 2-5 external links and that too should match with your topic.
  • Mention your company bio at the bottom of your article
  • Submit your company logo/icon in JPG format

How to drop a guest post request

  • Contact us on [email protected] to have your guest blog published with Tada
  • Please consolidate your content and images in a Google Drive folder and share it via email at [email protected]