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5 Tried and Tested Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples

Lead Magnet Ideas

To be honest, no one likes being bombarded by irrelevant emails. That being said, if you want to generate an email list to facilitate segmented marketing and remarketing, you’ll have to do better than add ‘sign up to our newsletter’ after every blog post.

With email marketing being 40 times more effective in reaching target customers compared to Facebook or Twitter, your email campaign is something you should take seriously. And it all begins with an extensive email list.

So, how do you get people to type in their email addresses without any hassle? Enter lead magnets. Here are five lead magnet ideas with examples to give you further insight.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

Before we get to our list of top 5 lead magnet examples, let’s get this out of the way for newbies. As the name suggests, a lead magnet is a technique used by a business to collect potential leads.

Leads are mainly people who visit your website and view your products and services. Generally, these people have already shown interest in your brand, even if they haven’t made a purchase yet. This means that nurturing these leads would help you generate more sales and profit.

However, to nurture leads, you’ll need their contact information, such as email address or contact number. This is where a lead magnet comes in.

Believe it or not, around 50% of all email marketers showed higher conversions after applying lead magnets to their strategy. A typical office worker is bombarded with more than 120 emails per day; the massive amount makes people protective of their information.

Integrating lead magnets through pop-up ads or notifications incentivizes your potential customers and builds trust in your brand. This helps them change their mind and sign up on your website at once.

Later, you can use this information to approach them strategically to make sure they come back to make a purchase.

5 Tried And Tested Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples

The internet is full of lead magnet ideas applied by brands and service providers to increase their email lists. If you’re convinced that lead magnets can help you increase conversions organically but are confused about where to get started, this list of tried and tested ideas will help you out.

1.   Webinars

If you are already using content marketing such as blog posts and newsletters to engage your audience, then webinars will make terrific lead magnets. These tools are ideal for companies that want their visitors to indulge in their expertise in the subject while offering them more within context.

Besides that, webinars give your audience a chance to communicate with you through video content and get answers to relevant questions. So when designing a webinar as a lead magnet, make sure there’s a specific takeaway so that the attendees get value for their time.

While you can use a webinar to increase your email list, mentioning a discount code on your tools and services will also increase your conversions.

Applying the webinar strategy with a Messenger Bot is a great idea. Used by the CEO of Botlocks and Bootcamp, the promise of organic communication gets you more sign-ups and increases your attendance. Streaming the lead magnet webinar through ManyChat, the company was able to generate an ROI of $550,000 in six months.

2.   Templates

If you have spent some time job-hunting, you must be no stranger to resume templates. Many websites offer easy resume templates to users who can customize them further. The best part is that using the template requires them to add some details about themselves, making a great lead magnet option.

If you want your audience to continue learning about your subject and applying it to their everyday lives, you should use templates as lead magnets. A template can provide a ready-made framework for anything within your expertise. Through this, interested visitors can apply the knowledge they acquired on your website.

For example, Beginner Bookkeeping, a website coaching business owners on income tracking and budgeting, offers a free excel sheet template as a lead magnet.

Such templates can help your audience save their time, of course, after taking the time to provide their email address for you.

3.   Checklists

Checklists are some of the most attractive lead magnets you can go for. Especially if you’re a blogger or content creator with specific subject expertise, a concise list can go a long way as a lead magnet on your website.

Checklists simply tick all boxes when it comes to lead magnets. They are specific, easy to process, and highly useful. If your audience is already following your content, they would love to receive a simplified version of your tips and tricks to apply to their daily lives. For example, this travel blogger created the ultimate travel planning list as a lead magnet. It provides all the necessary details her audience must remember before going on holiday. First, however, they have to subscribe to the website with an email address before they can download

4.   Case Studies

Case studies are effective lead magnets when paired with blog posts or other resources on your website. First, however, you’ll have to make an effort to make your case studies relevant and attractive.

Now, if you advertise your case study by describing it as a detailed version of your blog, you’re not getting any downloads. Nobody wants to read a more extended version of content they have already consumed.

Instead, the case study should promise unique and valuable information on the subject to entice an interested audience into surrendering their email addresses.

For example, Damien Elsiing from CLCK used a video case study about a revolutionary marketing and sales system for online businesses. This lead magnet increased their email opt-in rate to 34% and enhanced sales by building trust in the company.

5.   Coupons and Discount Codes

Nothing gets people to give their time and attention better than discounts and free stuff. So if a potential customer sees a coupon or discount code enclosed in an exit-intent pop-up in exchange for their email address, they will naturally perceive it as a great deal.

This technique works best with Ecommerce websites and product-centered businesses. They use anything from 10% off to free shipping, and their audience begins typing in their email addresses in no time.

Take the example of FragranceX, a perfume company. This New York retailer uses coupons and promotional codes as lead magnets. Besides that, they also offer loyalty points for customers on their email list.

How To Choose The Right Lead Magnet?

If you look for lead magnet ideas, you will come across hundreds of options on the internet. So, how to figure out which one will work best for your business? While every business is different, there are multiple factors a lead magnet should have to fulfill its purpose effectively. You might come across some of the best lead magnet ideas, but they might not work well with your brand. Here are the factors you should evaluate with each lead magnet option to see if is the right one for you.

Ensures Specification

Without specification, your prospective customer will simply scroll through your lead magnet without providing any contact information. Make sure your lead magnet offers a specified benefit rather than a generalized one to avoid this.

If possible, try to personalize the lead magnets for every landing page, so your visitor receives a benefit related to what interests them.

Offers a Solution

Offering a solution to a real problem makes a lead magnet attractive enough for customers to surrender their information. Evaluate the needs of your visitors and figure out what will hit the nerve when devising your lead magnet strategy.

Provides Quick Rewards

No one likes to wait for free stuff. So whatever you’re offering with your lead magnet, make sure your visitors get it quick and prompt. This way, they are more likely to give in than if you promised a reward for later.

For example, providing a free guide or PDF download can make someone’s day, and they probably won’t give a second thought while typing in their email address.

Easy To Process

Hard-to-consume content is not everyone’s piece of cake. While eBooks, guides, and reports may attract a particular segment of leads, most conversions occur with simplified lead magnets such as checklists and cheatsheets.

Presents Good Value

Remember, retaining leads and increasing your email list will give you higher conversion rates and profits. So if you’re creating a lead magnet, make sure it gives back some value to your leads. This will make sure they pay attention to your email updates and reinforcements in the future.

Establishes Your Expertise In The Market

Most importantly, your lead magnet should represent your brand’s specific identity and uniqueness. This increases your brand’s reliability and helps turn leads into regular customers.

If your lead magnet has these qualities, you will see your email list building up in no time while increasing conversion rates and sales simultaneously. So now that you’re ready to select the right lead magnet for your business, check out this list of lead magnet ideas to get started.

Final Words

Lead magnets are the ultimate ways to build your email list and target potential customers with relevant marketing strategies. While increasing email marketing gimmicks have made customers skeptical about typing their addresses, you can use lead magnets to build trust and offer value.

When selecting a lead magnet for your business, make sure it is specific, easy, and valuable to your customers. You’ll boost your conversions and increase sales by nurturing your leads effectively.

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