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The Importance of Email Validation and How Tada Can Help

Although there are about 5.9 billion active email accounts worldwide, brands are struggling to get those email account owners to open their marketing emails. In fact, around 20% of emails never make it to the intended inbox and about 40% end up in spam.

This is because email lists are not validated!

Tada is the software that is designed to help. With Tada, take your email marketing to the next level by connecting with real people and getting great email campaign results.

What is email validation?

Imagine, spending hours crafting a beautiful gift for someone, using all your energy into personalizing it, but then posting it to a wrong address. The same thing happens when you send your email to a dead or invalid email address.

It is essential to first deliver your email to the right address before expecting results. This may be an obvious statement, but you would be surprised by how many marketing campaigns are neutered due to this point.

A further danger is that if your subscriber list has too many invalid email addresses then ESPs may consider your emails spam and thus you will never get noticed by the real genuine accounts in your list.

Tada’s world-class email validation software dramatically improves the deliverability of your email lists by eliminating dead and invalid email addresses so that your audience can receive what you send. See 99% of your emails reaching the right inbox!

How does Tada validate your email addresses?

1. Accuracy

As mentioned, most email marketing strategies fail because the email address information that businesses have is inaccurate leading to 1 out of every 5 emails not being delivered! Tada’s email validation system checks your email addresses so that they are accurate and genuine.

Tada checks each email in your subscriber list by validating it against their server. Through this, Tada bosts your deliverability to 99%! Far above the eCommerce average of 72%. Additionally, Tada has interactive content that will bring a greater ROI and help you in reaching more people.

2. Pricing

Tada offers this service based on a token system giving incredible return on investment of over 100%. Each token validates one email address which guarantees that it will reach the right inbox and improve your overal deliverability and sender repuation. You can choose from any of the four package choices in accordance with your requirement and preference.

  • Basic package – 2,000 tokens for $5.99
  • Regular package – 10,000 tokens for $24.99
  • Business package – 50,000 tokens for $89.99
  • Premium package – 100,000 tokens for $119.99

In return for each never-expiring token, (costing less than 0.003 cents) you acheive another potential customer, potential sale, and potential lead. Without a doubt, this is among the best return on investment deals out there.

3. Syntax validation

Tada’s email validation by default checks for and fixes syntax errors (extra space, two dots, wrong spelling, etc.) to help you reach maximum people from your email list. Sometimes users make typos or spelling errors that make the email invalid. This could prevent highly interested subscribers from receiving your emails if this error is not rectified. With Tada, these errors are identified and corrected to ensure no one misses out because of a simple typing error.


4. Misspelled or incorrect domain detection and rejection

Tada’s email validation system filters domains, and detects and filters out misspelled domains to keep your subscriber list updated with accurate email addresses.

Misspelled domains could be a genuine mistake similar to syntax errors, or a deliberate action to avoid receiving emails from your website. Here, Tada’s email validation system detects such domains and rejects them from the list so that you get a higher ROI on your email marketing strategy.

Why is email validation important?

“60% of consumers intentionally provide incorrect information when submitting their personal details online” – Marketing Week

Email validation is the best way to know your email marketing efforts are going in the right direction. Find out about both the quantitative and qualitative benefits of email validation in this table below.

A. Quantitative benefits

1. Reduces email bounce rate

Email bounces occur when an email you send is not delivered to the address. It is either because the email address was incorrect, temporary, or fictitious. If you have a bounce rate of merely ~5% you can get blocked by many ESPs.

Oftentimes, ESPs will identify senders with a high bounce rate and consequenntly mark your emails as spam. This means fewer responses from email subscribers and reduced interaction between businesses and subscribers. Hence, lowering your bounce rate is vital!

Email validation reduces bounce rate and increases the overall deliverability of your emails up to 99%* far above the eCommerce average of 72%.

2. Ensures email deliverability

Tada gets you a a near 100% email deliverabilty rate. This means more people getting your carefuly crafted marketing.

If your email list keeps on growing but your emails are not delivered, then you won’t achieve your marketing goals. In fact, the average deliverabilty rate sits at around 72%, meaning more than a quarter of emails do not reach an inbox. This decreases reach and reduces traffic from emails and consequently, the conversion rate will fall too.

With Tada’s email validation you attain near-perfect (99%*) deliverability rates. Having authentic email addresses ensures your emails get delivered directly into the customer’s inbox.

3. Higher sender score

A sender score is a numerical representation of your sending reputation (more details given below). This is affected by how legitimate your email list is. When the number of rejected emails shoots up the sender score reduces. One in five or 20% of emails are prevented from reaching an inbox simply because the sender’s reputation is too low.

As such, having a higher sender score increases your deliverability. With Tada your bounce rate is reduced by 21%*. We check emails for their authenticity, accuracy and validity. With a high sender score, you gain a better sender reputation and a 99%* email deliverability rate.

4. Improves conversion rate

Conversion rates from email campaigns is the end goal for every marketer. What if we said you could see your conversion rates increase by 259.8%*?

With Tada’s email validation ensuring that your email addresses are verified, you can see your conversion rates skyrocket! More emails reach more inboxes and then get opened leading to an impressive increase of close to tripling your current conversion rate.

5. Greater Return on Investment

Tada increases your return on investment by over 100%. Costing less than half a cent (0.003) each token validates an email address for you to potentially gain another sale, customer, or lead. You also reduce your bounce rate and from that increase your general rate of deliverability (to 99%).

The vast return in email engagement you get on a comparatively small investment in our afforsable pricing plans means that Tada has some of the best ROI out there!

B. Qualitative benefits

1. Fake email rejection propels prolific engagement

Increasing engagement is a key goal for any marketing strategy! Your engagement rate goes up when your emails reach users who are genuinely interested in engaging with your content.

Email validation helps you to engage with real potential customers and helps your subscribers to engage with you.

After removing the non-existent email addresses from your list, you can use the remaining ones to understand customer behavior and develop strategies to better interact with your users.

2. Accuracy of data elevate marketing results

Data accuracy is a vital feature in email validation. High quality data results in better marketing results.

Ascertaining that the data you collect is accurate and authentic, email validation removes unengaged users and routinely cleans your email list to maintain its accuracy.

Data accuracy helps you in achieving goals faster and more efficiently, so you can get more work done faster.

3. Verification safeguards sender reputation

An unclean email list can ruin your sender reputation!

Sender reputation does not mean goodwill from users. Instead, it is how ESPs and ISPs determines how your email will land in the user’s inbox. If there is a great number of undelivered emails and/or high bounce rates, this can harm your sender reputation and negatively impact the way your emails are received.

Safeguarding your sender reputation, email validation ensures a reduced bounce rate and better deliverability. This also protects you against landing in spam or junk folders.

4. Updated email list increases reach

The digital world is fast-changing. Old emails get deactivated and new emails are created every day. This makes the data you have collected only temporarily effective. It is important to, at least quarterly, completely update your email list.

Email validation regularly cleans your email list and maintains an updated one. This allows you to reach real people who can respond to your emails and increase your business reach.

5. Validated emails bring higher value

Connecting with a responsive audience brings higher value to your business. When you connect with people who are interested in what you want to say, there is a high chance they will interact with the content in the email. To do this, you need to reach the right people.

Email validation refines, eliminates, and maintains email addresses. It has immediate benefits such as reduced bounce rates, increased conversion rate and also long-term benefits that can benefit businesses in the long run such as sender reputation and greater ROI.


Email validation is essential if you want constructive results from your email list. It is like maintaining the engine in your car. In the long run, if your email list is not clean and updated, you will miss out on efficient email marketing output. Email validation ensures you are reaching active users for maximum marketing benefits.

By 2021 the number of emails sent every day is estimated to reach 320 billion. As a result, reaching the right people is only going to become tougher. With Tada’s email validation your email marketing resources are channeled into effective campaigns that produce fruitful results.

* On average on surveyed sites

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