Why use email validation?

Without email validation

20% of emails never enter the target inbox

30-50% of emails go to spam folder

Risk being labeled a spammer by Google, Yahoo, etc.

Expect a lower ROI than what you could achieve

With email validation

99% delivery rate

90% reduction in bounce rate

Boost open rates and conversions

Maximize your ROI and make the most of your email marketing strategy

These results are on average and are highly dependent and your email list and on the quality of your content. Results may vary.

Do these problems sound familiar?

Low delivery rates and open rates for emails

Little change in web traffic after email campaigns

Email leads are not converting

Poor marketing return on investment (ROI)

Automated email validation from Tada will:

Clean your email list so you only message real prospects

Keep your messages out of the spam folder

Reduce bounce rate to maximize successful deliveries

Eliminate fake and invalid email addresses

If so, a large number of emails may not be reaching your target. This is not uncommon. Without validation, as many as 1 in 5 emails never arrive at their destination! That’s 20% of your leads—gone!

Start making the most of your leads and your email marketing efforts today with Tada email validation.