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The 5 effective forms of advertising and how to pick the good one?

forms of advertising

Advertising’s goal is to raise the need in the minds of the customer by defining their target market and reaching out to them effectively. Moreover, advertising involves cost, which comes from the budget allocated by the organization’s finance department. There are many forms of advertising, such as newspapers, social media, television, billboards, and much more.

Why Advertising?

Advertising creates awareness in the minds of the target customer for whom your product or service destined. They come to know about your product and service, and they start comparing it with the competitors. Hence, customers start keeping your product in their minds.

Once the demand is created on the minds of customers, advertisement plays a vital role in stimulating the repeated purchase of goods or services. Moreover, it starts generating queries from customers. Also, it increases the hit on the website of the company.

Advertising increases the market share of the company. When customers get to know about the product, they start buying it, and the market share of the company shoots up. This is the reason why a hefty marketing budget is allocated for marketing. Hence, it is important to pick the most effective forms of advertising.

Forms of advertising

1) Print Media

It involves the use of physically printed media like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc.

  • Newspaper: It is the most popular print media circulated all over the country. Newspapers target different readerships with a variety of content. Moreover, marketers can buy differently sized advertising spaces depending upon their budget and requirement.
  • Billboard and Posters: They are used to a large extent for advertising. Putting up posters in the retail market or company’s posters is the real-life example of advertising with the print media.
  • Pamphlets:  Pamphlets are used by small scale players like restaurant owners or saloon owners. They print the colorful, attractive pamphlet and distribute it to nearby people to make them aware of their services/ products to the customers.
  • Some print media have huge and trusted followers like newspapers.
  • Print media allows you to choose your advertising space depending upon the budget, like the front page in the newspaper, last page, etc.
  • If your target audience is huge and scattered, it becomes difficult to reach them via print media
  • Moreover, it lacks the sound feature along with the 3D benefit.
2) Electronic Media

It involves the use of internet to promote the product or service. The various types of electronic media channels are explained below:

  • Social Media: The Internet is booming everywhere. It is used very appropriately for promoting the product or services online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • E-mails: E-mail advertising is also increasing these days. Every day hundreds of promotional e-mails land in our inbox. Through e-mails, brands promote their product or service to reach a wider section of the population. If you want to increase the impact of your email marketing campaigns with unique popups, then apps like Tada, Privy, ReferralCandy, Sumo, etc. can be your best choice. 
  • Website: These days, every company has its website, which stores knowledge about their products and services. Through websites, companies ensure that the customer can get every minute details of its latest happenings. Moreover, some companies provide an option to buy the product or services online, as well. For example, – Apple, Lakme, etc. 
  • Electronic media is easy to reach to a large scattered population in very less time.
  • It is not expensive, but really effective. 
  • The internet is still developing in major parts of the country. So, where the internet is still not developed, those areas doesn’t come under this media.
  • Moreover, frequent changes in technology do involve challenges and have monetary aspects linked. 
social media advertising
3) On-Air Broadcast Media

It covers a different range of communication methods like television and radio.

This is the most widely used form of advertising which involves advertisements aired on television. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive types of advertising but the most effective one as well. There are slots that the companies need to buy to show their advertisement at that particular time on the television.

These commercials also air on Radio channels. Radio these days is the second most important media after television. It is really effective and comparatively less expensive than television.

  • It reaches a larger audience
  • This type of advertisement penetrates an entire country, unlike Electronic media. 
  • This is an expensive form of advertising.
  • At times, the message on the television is not clearly stated, and it may lead to confusion.
4) Pay per Click or Keyword advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) or keyword advertising originates with the keywords. They are the special words selected by any organization depending on their product or service, and hence use it for advertisement. For example – When we try to find a wedding venue on Google, we get a few Ads like, and These are the Adword Ads which use wedding venue as their keywords. On clicking these ads, you will navigate to their website, and pay per click will charge to the company which has posted this advertisement.

It is an expensive way of marketing and is more focused as people who enter your keywords must be really interested in finding out about it. Hence, the chances of conversions go high.
pay per click
5) Search Engine Optimization

With the huge increase in companies operating online, there has been an increase in the competition between brands to get visitors to their websites. The customers usually click on the links which are present on the first or second page of Google search. Therefore, nowadays, companies indulge in Search Engine Optimization to ensure their websites are present on the first two pages of search engines.

Which is the Effective Way of Advertising?

Well, to be honest, there is no perfect or best forms of advertising. It all depends on the circumstances and the requirements of the company.

The various deciding factors are:

  • Budget: This is one of the most important factors which determine the method to select for advertising. The most expensive method is Television while Electronic media is cheaper in comparison.
  • Demographics of Target audience: What is the size of the target audience, whether it’s scattered all over the country or it’s concentrated in one place?
  • The nature of product or service: What exactly is the product or service that has its say in deciding the way of advertising?
  • Your expectations: What are your expectations from the product? This tends to decide the advertising way.

Advertising is an important element of your digital marketing campaign. Thus, no method is right or wrong; it all depends upon the organization and the management which considers the upper mentioned points and takes the decisions.