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Increase your Shopify Subscribers and Sales with Shopify Pop-ups

Add Tada’s gamified and full-screen shopify pop-ups to your ecommerce store. 

Increase subscribers by 500% and sales by 135% instantly.

More Subscribers & More Sales with
Spin The Wheel Pop Up

Introducing the exciting spin the wheel pop up – Let your visitors play a fun, engaging game to win a discount in exchange for their email address. 

Perspective counts: “Winning” a discount will have a much stronger impact on your visitors’ psychology than giving one away. 

Earning that coupon code will make them more inclined to purchase from your store, which means your sales will increase.


Tada’s engaging pop-ups will allow you to collect more email addresses.
It’s simple: Offer a coupon code in exchange for an email address.


Subscribers will purchase right away with the discount they just won.
Or they will join your email list, so that you can convert them later through email marketing.


Easily set Tada up once and we’ll take care of the rest.
Sit back, relax and enjoy seeing your subscribers and sales go up.

Pop-ups for every audience & every merchant

Create a pleasant user experience that will grow your email list and revenue.

Wheel of Coupons

Unleash the power of gamification!
Add your email and spin the wheel to find out what coupon you've won.

Pick a Gift

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
Unwrap one of the gifts to unveil a great discount. A great game alternative to the wheel.

Pop Ups

Are you looking for something more elegant?
Our full-screen modal popups are the perfect alternative to gamified pop-ups.

Capture more subscribers

Engage visitors with interactive pop-ups. Everyone wants to win something and will trade their email address happily.

Increase store conversions

Winning feels good. Earning a discount code will prompt subscribers to buy from your store right away.

Decrease cart abandonment

Tada's widgets and countdowns will remind subscribers of their discounts while they are still on your website.

Avoid early exits

Make the journey through your ecommerce store interesting and gain your visitors’ attention in a fun way.

Boost cart value

Subscribers will be delighted about the discount they won and will likely purchase more.

Control the customer journey

You decide when, where, how and how often your visitors will play Tada pop-ups. Great features and easy setup.


Grow your Email List.
Generate Leads.

Great popups for great results: Offer discounts to your visitors in exchange for their email address. You will see email subscribers and sales increase right away with Tada’s gamified and full-screen pop-ups. 

Let the old-fashioned, annoying pop-ups be a thing of the past. Visitors won’t resist engaging with well designed pop-ups offering the opportunity to win a big discount. 

Email marketing has one of the highest ROI among marketing channels and with Tada’s innovative pop-ups, you will be able to truly exploit this strategy.

Generate leads by growing your subscriber list and convert visitors right away. In fact, “winning” a coupon code will tap into your visitors’ psychology and motivate them to buy instantly and buy more.

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Integrate with Klaviyo and Mailchimp

Tada integrates with Klaviyo and Mailchimp seamlessly. Collect email addresses and keep them organized with your favorite email marketing platforms. 

The setup is very straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. But if you do have issues, please send us a message. 

As these integrations will allow you to retarget your customers and subscribers with email marketing, you will drive more sales by increasing customer lifetime value and recovering abandoned carts.

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Validate Email Addresses

What use is an email address, if it’s not a valid one? Unlike our competitors, you can opt-in for email validation in all our plans.

Email validation means that when your visitors input an email address in one of your Tada pop-ups to win a discount, we will instantly check whether that email address is a valid one. If it’s not valid, visitors will immediately see an error and will be asked to insert a valid email address. 

This is an extra feature that not many other services offer, so that you can focus on targeting only valuable leads, instead of wasting money and time with fake emails. And we are currently working on improving our email validation system, to make it even better.

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Customize Everything

Tada pop-ups are highly customizable. Combine your brand with great design and features to target your audience perfectly and increase their engagement. 

Not only you can choose the type of pop-up that fits your audience best, you can also edit the design, text, logo, placement, triggers and frequency to match your audience’s taste and preferences. And you will be able to do so easily, from Tada’s app settings in Shopify. No coding knowledge is required.

At Tada, we understand that different games and styles cater to different ecommerce stores and shoppers. So we want to allow you, dear Shopify merchant, to personalize Tada pop-ups as much as possible, to make your customers feel special and enjoy a fun and engaging email capturing process.

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Avoid Website Abandonment

Make every single visit to your store count. High bounce rates and short visits are a thing of the past with Tada.

Engage visitors early when they enter your site and also when they are trying to exit, to maximize conversions. Additionally, you can create urgency by adding a countdown timer and scarcity by showing how many discounts are left. With these amazing features Tada offers, you can increase your conversion rate and sales by turning first-time visitors into customers.

Whether playful or elegant, Tada’s highly customizable pop-ups can show at entry, exit or with alternative triggers, so that you can reduce both website abandonment and cart abandonment. Most visitors spend only a few seconds on each website, to never return to them. With Tada, you can finally do something about it. 

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Analyze Data in Real-time

Tada offers a clear dashboard to analyze subscribers, revenue, click-through-rate and much more live, 24/7! 

In our current economy, collecting and understanding data is more important than ever. How many times have you used interesting and promising Shopify apps, but didn’t really know if they were worth the cost in the end? Tada solves this problem by showing you the most important KPIs for your business.

From your Shopify store, among the apps, you can click on Tada and review your pop-up’s performance live at any time. It will be the first thing you see when accessing Tada and it will allow you to review how many subscribers and sales you have gained with Tada. You can also download reports and export customer email lists. 

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Customer Reviews

Great email popups that I can customize for my audience. Very fun and engaging, unlike all the other ones. Thanks Tada!
John K.
Wonderful email capture popups. Our subscribers grew x20 in the first month. Keep it up folks!
I had been searching for a Shopify email signup pop up for a while. Some are buggy or hard to install, but Tada has been flawless so far for us
We saw a sales increase of 40% in the first week of using Tada. The coupon codes are definitely converting. Well worth the premium subscription.
Tada is not the only shopify discount code popup, but it combines all the best features in one app. Much easier to deal with for our ecommerce
Mark A.
Our conversion rate is now 15% with Tada and it used to be 3% with other popups. Plus I can connect it to mailchimp, which keeps our email list well organized and will increase our long term revenue with email marketing
Hands down the best shopify pop up for email subscriptions. I had tried a few previously but the ease of install, use and results are way better than anything else. Well done Tada
Personally I love the modal popup form. Haven't found any other shopify apps that have it like this. It's a very elegant popup and it caters to our target audience.
I was looking for lead generation popups and stumbled upon Tada. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but the subscribers we get through Tada either convert right away with a unique discount or end up buying later on as we retarget them with email campaigns.
Micah T.
Great app for building your email list. God knows how hard it is to get those precious emails from visitors nowadays.
We saw an increase of our ecommerce sales almost immediately with Tada. Not only a lot of users interact with the popup, but a good % ends up purchasing right away through those coupons.
Who would have thought this app could increase shopify sales better than mobile ads?! Awesome!
Robert B.
Tada is the best shopify popup app ever!!! Has all the main features, gets set up in minutes and works like magic.
Bradley S.
We really just needed a Shopify exit pop up, but ended up using different Tada features. The countdown and progress bar seem to really work for us. We've seen a significant increase in sales, which are easy to track with the analytics dashboard.
Being always interested in the latest email marketing trends, I had to try this new email collection popup. Easy to install and has a lot of options. I would definitely recommend it!
One of the best shopify apps ever in my opinion. Our subcribers and sales spiked up right from the start
We use the spin the wheel app are very satisfied. But there are also other games and a modal popup.
Tada is creating some excellent extra revenue through those unique coupons. It's also adding massively to our email list, which is incredibly valuable as we can convert a lot with email marketing. For that matter, the fact that Tada integrates with Mailchimp is very useful
G John
Great customer support: I needed help setting up game popups and their team answered very fast and kind. Good job!
Two weeks in and the conversion rates are amazing. The revenue more than covers for the price + you grow your subscriber list
Growing my client email list like crazy! I for sure recomend this app
The service is realy good. Answred all my questions super fast
Quick setup, lot of customization options and easy integraton with Klaviyo. Let's see what it can deliver now.
Can't give five stars cause no one's perfect. But this app is working pretty well so far
Sales and subscriptions increase drastically for us from the get-go. I gave four stars because I'm a fan of the exit intent popup, but it only works on desktop and not on mobile. I've talked to their support team though and they're working on it. So happy to change my review once that's ready.
Started with the Starter plan. Easy to install and create popups. So far so good

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