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9 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List


Congratulations! You’ve got a high-ranking website. What about conversion? Are you able to convert your prospects? Start slacking email contacts to reach out to them.

Lead Magnet Ideas

And if you’re struggling at getting responses to your email pop up messages, you may be doing it all wrong. Don’t worry, as we’re going to discuss some thought-provoking lead magnet ideas that should give your email list a good quick boost. While you’re buckling up for the list of high-performing lead magnet ideas, allow us to explain the basics first.

What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are free incentives you offer to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses and names.

They’re free stuff doesn’t mean all your visitors will sign up for your email list.

The only way to get your visitor’s email address is to offer them something valuable. So if you want them to really go for it, you need an attractive lead magnet.

So, what (in your lead magnet) might attract your visitors?

The design, color, and not to mention your email pop up offer should appeal to a potential client immediately. If it does so, they would definitely sign up.

On the other hand, a boring or unwelcoming email pop up will make them close the window and return right away.

You can try to propose a free ebook, template, case study, or video and see if they accept it. If they do, they’re part of your email list.

If you’re wondering how to create an irresistible lead magnet, the next section will answer that.

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What Does an Effective Lead Magnet Have?

Before we move on to practical lead magnet ideas, it’s imperative to figure out what makes a good lead magnet. Below we’ve compiled a few ways to make your lead magnet compelling.

Contains Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is like an evergreen tree that remains fresh regardless of the season. So, you should build your lead magnet in a way that stays relevant and current over time.

Otherwise, you might need to craft new lead magnets time and again to keep them up-to-date.

Evergreen content is like an evergreen tree that remains fresh regardless of the season. So, you should build your lead magnet in a way that stays relevant and current over time.

Otherwise, you might need to craft new lead magnets time and again to keep them up-to-date.

Solves a Genuine Issue

A lead magnet that addresses a genuine issue of the customers is more likely to engage them.

Also, you shouldn’t guess what issues your customers may be encountering. Instead, try to observe their behavior online:

  • Have they left any questions on the website’s page?
  • Did they call your customer support to resolve an issue?

Moreover, connect well with your customer support team to know about the concerns of your clients. Doing so will help you design a customer-focused lead magnet that addresses their problems.

Offers a Clear Value

Are you offering a valuable lead magnet, or wasting your potential customers’ time?

Want to know when you’re providing a genuine value versus an offer that your client is likely to ignore? Here’s an example.

“Learn how to maximize revenue for your business by following these six steps” vs. “Click here to join our newsletter.”

See the difference? Perhaps your visitor may not be interested in your newsletter if you haven’t yet built a relationship with them.

Remember: The better the offer, the more people will take it up.

Quick and Easy

Ensure quick delivery. Whatever value your lead magnet is offering, make sure that visitors can instantly download and access it.

Once they enter their personal information in the email pop up, they won’t go through the frustration of waiting. If that happens, all their trust will go down the drain, and they won’t revisit your website ever.

Note that once your visitors enter their data, they want quick and easy delivery.

Promises an Instant Win

It may sound a little mean, but you have to stir the emotions of your leads. If your magnet promises an instant win, your visitors are likely to go bonkers over it. And as a result, you’ve got their email.

Additionally, make sure that you are not offering an extravagant prize like a car or a house because skeptics won’t believe your offer and close the window eventually. So, keep it minimal yet realistic.

Discounts, free PDFs, or a free online course sound pretty reasonable, so your prospects are likely to get tempted.

9 Effective Lead Magnet Ideas

Designing a killer lead magnet takes a lot of effort. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be your first step.

You can craft a mediocre lead magnet at the beginning to get a few emails. Catching on a few emails is probably your road to success. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you work on your catchy and incredible lead magnet design in the second step.

Here are a few lead magnet ideas that are likely to grow your business.

1.   Infographics


You came across two pictures on the web; one includes a lot of written information, while the other has strong visuals packed with only essential details.

Which one are you more likely to read quickly and efficiently? Perhaps the second one.

Why? Studies show that we only remember 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see and do. Also, our brains respond well to attractive visuals.

Keep these logical points in mind while creating a lead magnet for your customers. 

We discussed earlier that your lead magnet should be easy to understand and accessible. This trick is likely to become a reality with an infographic, as they are captivating and fun.

If you want your email pop up to compel your potential customers, you can pair other lead magnet ideas with an infographic.

Visuals are powerful – don’t ignore them.

2.   Templates


From students to business owners, everyone is pretty busy. Considering this fact, who doesn’t appreciate a free, ready-to-use template?

So, make sure you design an easy-to-use template that everyone can access and benefit from. The point is to create templates that people can use immediately without any hassle.

Whatever type of business you operate, a template can offer an effective lead magnet. The good thing is, you can create a template for anything.

You can offer templates for emails, social media posts, banners, online ads, billboards, etc. So, small business owners can simply download it and customize the text as per their needs.

Make sure your template has a high-quality print and is readable. Otherwise, your customers may not find it helpful.

3.   Discount Codes

Any shopping freak goes gaga over a discount. But, to be honest, someone who shops occasionally would also love a lucrative deal.

So if you’re just getting started in your online business and cannot offer things for free, a discount code would work wonders.

Before making a purchase, most online shoppers scroll and search the internet for deals. Therefore, they will likely exchange their email address for a discount offered on your website. In other words, an email address is like a small trade for a huge discount offer.

Additionally, to complement your discount offer, you can provide them with free shipping too!

4.   Webinars

In terms of lead magnets, webinars have one of the best conversion rates.

A webinar is video training that teaches the audience about a specific topic. Your prospects are likely to get compelled to sign up for an online seminar.

However, make sure that the discussion topic is universal and that more people can relate to it. If the subject is unnecessary or typical, the visitors are likely to overlook it.

Again, make sure your webinar is offering value. While your customers may feel the urge to enter their email to join an online seminar, there should be something that keeps them engaged throughout the online session.

Otherwise, they’ll lose trust and may unsubscribe later.

Despite the fact that webinars convert better than most lead magnets, the downside is, only a few people can participate at a time. There’s a solution to that. You can provide other interested people with webinar replays (video of an already held online seminar)

5.   Handouts

Do you know what’s good about a handout? It’s just a page of information and cuts straight to the point.

While guides or PDFs have a plethora of information about a particular topic, the handout contains only the essential information.

So, if your visitor isn’t an avid reader, they may not go through the trouble of downloading a hundred-page PDF file.

Therefore, a handout titled “5 quick tips to grow your business” is easier to understand than a lengthy guide on how to grow one’s business that takes a week to read.

6.   Interactive Quizzes

Interactive Quizzes

Online quizzes have become very popular lately and for the right reasons!

Curiosity is inherent in every human being. Therefore, even seemingly useless information intrigues us.

We’d like to know even the strangest of things. For instance, how we would behave if we were horses, or whether we’d be a superhero in our next lives.

The choice is yours; you can offer your visitors a weird survey (see what your future baby will look like) or something of value (check if you’re doing good in your business)

Quizzes are a great way to capture some leads. Once a visitor takes out time to solve the quiz, he’s likely to enter his email to get the results.

7.   How-to Guides

A human’s curiosity drives them to look up “how-to’s” on search engines. So, “How-to” guides are probably one of the most typical and straightforward lead magnets you can create.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate it either. As long as your guide provides value to your leads, it is pretty effective.

Furthermore, if you run a blog that already has good guiding content, it’ll do well as a lead magnet.

Additionally, do your research about the audience visiting your website. It’s best to create a guide that relates to them. For instance, a business owner would not be interested in skin care regimens, and a beauty blogger would not be intrigued by a how-to guide on keeping pets.

To target your audience, keep their needs in mind.

8.   Ebooks


Ebooks are hands down the most popular form of lead magnets out there.

However, you have to make sure that your ebook is relevant to customer needs and easier to digest simultaneously. The key is to ensure that your visitors go through your ebook.

For this purpose, you can create a mini ebook.

Additionally, if you run a successful blog, your ebook can essentially be a compilation of it. Thus, you won’t have to design it from scratch. You can combine your several related blogs into an ebook:

  • Top 10 tips for cat owners
  • 5 steps to litter train your kitten
  • How to calm a wild kitten
  • The 6 best cat toys for your cat

You can compile these blog posts into a mini ebook: “The ultimate guide to cat ownership.”

Designing a compelling copy is another critical step. Again, visuals matter a lot!

9.   Challenges

When you’re faced with a challenge, you’re likely to jump in, regardless of whether you’ll be able to complete it. 

Consider this; your email pop up tells a fitness enthusiast, “You can build your muscles if you remain consistent.” That might seem appealing unless you read this, “Take the challenge of building triceps in 7 days.”

That statement is probably going to intrigue any fitness enthusiast! They’ll take up the challenge without considering the consequences.


  • For a beauty guru, a skincare challenge could be intriguing.
  • For a business owner, a challenge to grow their business would be exciting.

So, before you design a challenge, make sure you know your visitors well. Challenges are probably another efficient way to gain the attention of your audience.


To conclude, the lead magnet ideas mentioned above could help you grow your email list and earn several customers. You should, however, ensure that they’re insanely valuable, easily accessible, and address a legitimate issue of your customers.

Bringing some of these ideas to life might require a substantial amount of effort, but others may be pretty straightforward.

Plus, remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. So if you want your efforts to be fruitful, patience is as important as hard work.